Welcome to River City Art Prints!
Welcome to River City Art Prints!

Media available for your production:

  • We utilize select papers from several manufacturers. All of the media employed are archival, buffered and acid-free, and are expected to maintain image quality in excess of a hundred years. They fall into three price categories:
    • Economy Fine Art papers, which include:
      • Smooth Fine Art paper (100% cotton rag, warm white, 285 gsm, 18 mil
    • Standard Fine Art papers, all of which are 100% cotton rag and bright white in color. They are 300-340 gsm and 16-21 mil and include:
      • Smooth Fine Art papers
      • Textured Fine Art papers
    • Specialty Fine Art media,
      • Heavyweight Smooth Fine Art paper (100% cotton rag, 500 gsm, 29 mil)
      • Heavyweight Textured Fine Art paper (100% cotton rag, 425 gsm, 27 mil)
      • Canvas (stretchable, glossy, polyester/cotton blend, 420 gsm, 22 mil).


Canvas options:  rolled or Ready-to-Hang...

We can supply unmounted (rolled) glossy canvas giclees.  Alternatively, we can stretch and attach them to wooden frames for a gallery-wrap appearance. These mounted reproductions are well-built and terrific-looking.

In order to help the artist differentiate his/her original painting from even a limited edition of reproductions, we have chosen to not utilize the usual gallery-wrap procedure of wrapping the canvas around to the back of the stretcher bars and stapling the canvas to the back surface. Rather, we employ a new technology, involving physical anchoring of the canvas, backed up with two types of archival adhesive. The resulting mount is tight, secure, but unlikely to be confused with the more conventional technique utilized to attach artists' canvas originals to stretcher bars. Finally, we attach screw eyes and hanging wire, so the resulting unit is truly "ready-to-hang".

What options are available for the side, top, and bottom edges of the giclées?

  • The last inch or two can be mirrored, so that no portion of the image is lost by being wrapped around the stretchers. (This is the most common solution selected by our customers.)
  • Sometimes the artist will opt for a matching or contrasting solid color to be applied to the edges.
  • In certain cases, it is desirable to wrap a portion of the periphery of the image around the frame, in effect cropping the image.
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